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Demand of ability from foreigner.

  In the event where a Japanese company employs a foreigner worker, the main motive is to fill up the position where there is a lack in manpower. However, in reality, what kind of abilities do the companies look out for when they employ a…


Things asked during an interview

  Anticipate what kind of question they will ask beforehand and handle the interview without flustering.     Question asked during an interview (1) “Self-PR”   The primary intention of Self-PR is to help you relief tension. The content of what you said does not…


Language required to seek employment in Japan

  What kind attribute do Japanese companies look in hiring foreign workers? Let’s look from the perspective of language.     Japanese Amongst all the languages, most of the Japanese companies place an emphasis on Japanese language. The reason is so that communication between fellow…


Tips for interviews

  An interview is an important process conducted between companies and job applicants to prevent mismatch. Through Offerme (HRDatabank), interview can be conducted using the chat function.     Why are interviews conducted?   Interviews are conducted in order to know the “you” that are…


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