Why Japan now?



According to a statistic in October 2014, the number of foreign worker in Japan has reached a new record of 790, 000 as compared to previous years, with a strong 9.8% year-on-year growth.


The government, in order to boost the foreign labor market, has taken various measures to facilitate the change. According to the Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau, Japan has tried to attract foreign talents by introducing a system called “employment of foreign talent” in May 2012. The system consists of 3 categories, namely, “advanced research academic activities”, “advanced professional and technical activities” and “advanced administration and management activities”. Applicants are then evaluated based on a system made up of 3 different aspects, namely, “academic background”, “work history” and “annual salary”. A total points of more than 70 qualifies one to be labelled as foreign talent, in which they will receive preferential treatment with regard to immigration control.


This is one of the measures Japan has adopted to attract excellent foreign talent to Japan. Of course, this is just one of the many measures as Japan focuses on a foreign labor pool.



Why Japan now?

Do you know why Japanese corporations are employing foreign workers in the present day? Japan is experiencing a rapid decrease in birthrate and an increase in aging population. As a corollary, the number of manpower in the work force is getting lower. If nothing is done to ameliorate this situation, the economy of Japan will head to a decline. One of the proposal to this issue is to reemploy Japanese women who do not have many opportunities to work in the society. The women can learn the ropes from the senior workers before they retire, this helps to balance the workforce in Japan with workers who are capable enough to execute the job. The other plausible proposal is to employ foreign workers to increase the manpower of the work force.


As Japan is experiencing labor shortage in the present day, more than 60% of the respondents take it with a positive approach. The younger respondents, however, do not have any qualm with working with a foreigner worker. Due to this, the number of foreign worker in Japan might head to an increase.


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