There are many places to eat in Japan. When you eat out, there are several options for you to choose from on which shop you want to dine in. Especially when comparing Japanese cuisine in Japan with your home country, you are able to savor better quality at a lower price.

First, why not start with shops that are situated near your workplace and home?



Fast food

Be it Japan or overseas, fast food chain are easily available in every region. Most of the fast food are relatively cheap. Japanese cuisine are also available in fast food chains. For example, Udon (noodles), Gyudon (beef with rice), Ramen and Takoyaki (octopus dumplings). To find out what suits your taste bud, you can try those Japanese cuisine from fast food restaurants.



Eating house


Do visit an eating house if you want to try Japanese cuisine which similar to what ordinary Japanese families eat in their daily lives. From western food such as hamburgers and curry, traditional food from the olden days such as boiled and grilled fish are also available. There is a variety of food waiting for you to try.





In Japan, a restaurant is mainly associated to food that are not Japanese cuisine. The atmosphere is usually clam and composed which allows one to enjoy his or her meal in a relaxed and enjoyable fashion.



Izakaya (Japanese bar/pub)


A retreat for salaryman in Japan, where alcohol and side dishes are served. When salaryman says “let’s go drinking”, it usually refers to an Izakaya. Of course, soft drinks and non-alcoholic drinks are served as well, to accommodate those who do not drink alcoholic drinks.





Other than those mentioned places to dine, there are many other places to eat. Some of the examples are highly decorated exquisite food which can be pricy, shops that specialized in takeaway bento (boxed lunch), pizza and cafes.





Eating out most of the time is convenient, but it is not easy to have a well-balanced diet and it is also costly. For those who are able to cook, it is cheaper to buy the ingredients from a nearby supermarket. Home cooked food is great for those who just arrived at Japan and has not yet adapt to the taste of local cuisine. Of course, there are restaurants that specialize in the cuisine of your hometown if you look around, but it usually comes with a higher cost if the restaurants are located in the downtown. Due to the exorbitant cost, it is not feasible to eat in those restaurants every day. That is why, the best option is to cook your food at home, as you are able to whip up any delights to your liking.


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